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Our love of gardening in the UK has grown with leaps and bounds, huge garden centres and nurseries supply us with everything we could possibly need to pursue this hobby, consequently what we once thought of as 'exotic' twenty or so years ago is now well within our reach to grow or buy.  With the popularity of conservatories and greenhouses plants are protected and nurtured all year round.  The flowers I have chosen to illustrate in this book are chosen as much for their claim to being exotic as their 'wow' factor.  The form and colour of this selection of flowers are the ones that stand out in any garden or is a 'must have' in  a garden centre.  Some are a little more complex than others,  but the step by step illustrations should see you safely through  your first attempts to draw them and then to try the painting.    I hope some of your favourite flowers are here as they are without doubt some of mine, and putting them together in this next collection has been a pleasure which I now get to share with you all.  

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